Grieving the Death Of A Sibling

I posted this in February 2018 but thought I would repost due to several of my friends have lost siblings in the past three weeks. This has been a difficult time for their families, but also a sad time for those of us who knew them and loved them as well. My sincere thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is grieving the loss of a sibling or another loved one.

Dealing with the death of a sibling can leave the other siblings in such shock and disbelief that often times it’s hard to recover. Not only was the deceased sibling a sister or brother, but to many, they were a best friend. The very first friend the surviving siblings had. The bond between many siblings is unbreakable and unshakable. Often times when one sibling passes away, the ones left behind can’t make any sense of it, they just couldn’t see it coming even though we all know we must die one day. For the surviving siblings, their loved one was perpetual; and the love they have for them is perpetual even though their relationship may have had some ups, downs, and even competition.

For the surviving siblings, they’ve lost the best friend that they went fishing with, they had tea parties with, they caught fireflies with, played hide and seek with, climbed trees & skipped rocks with. The best friend with whom they shared their clothes with and played dress up, makeup, and Barbies with, cowboys and Indians or just sat and shared a good movie and popcorn or even a good book with. This was their sibling.

It all just feels surreal and no matter how you look at it, you want to wake up out of the nightmare, there’s no waking up and everything will be the same as it was because the nightmare is REAL!

It’s normal to try to hold the pain inside and not deal with it, but it helps to talk to someone and reach out for counseling if needed. Keep your deceased siblings legacy alive, remember them on their birthdays, holidays and it’s great to remember special occasions and share a funny memory that made you laugh.

I speak from experience. My siblings and I have lost a brother and a sister. We do all we can to keep their legacy alive today, tomorrow, and Always!

6 thoughts on “Grieving the Death Of A Sibling

  1. I’ve never been through it and I hope I don’t have to. I have one sister and that is it…I feel for all of those who do.


      1. I can’t imagine. With my sister and some of her past it could have happened in a few wrecks. No it’s something that would never go away


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