Winter Snow – A Poem

Silently the snow fell in the night, blanketing everything uncovered, as one blankets a sleeping child. Plants and trees were smothered by nature’s ice-cold quilt.

To all who lie in bed listening for the snowfall, excited at what awaits the daybreak, winter carried a surprise. An arctic blast with huge snowfalls, as icicles formed on rooftops like frozen ornaments hanging off tree branches.

Snow dusting over cars and trucks, while sprinkling softly over roads and lakes. The frigid cold wind blew with no remorse, children playing in the snow would run inside to warm their frozen hands.

The sun softened on the horizon, and the snow gently crept into the past. Snowmen shrank, fields once white with snow turned brown as the snow slowly vanished.

Once again, old man winter came to visit and blanketed everything in town. Soon all that white stuff would go away by itself. That winter-wonderland would turn into vapor without having to melt.
Written by: Jasmine Parker ©
Photo credit: / images