I Wanted A Life With You-A Poem

I wanted a life with You from the moment we first met.

The beam in your eyes as you smile is like pure magic.

Your sense of humor is different from that of anyone else.

The electricity in our kiss is unlike any I have ever felt.


The love we share and make together, I will never have any regrets.

I feel an explosion of passion as your hands softly caress my neck.

I have often felt we’ve met before, somewhere in another time,

Now rock-solid and powerful together, our hearts are now intertwined.


I now feel comfortable enough to let go of my defenses with You.

I laugh so hard when You stare at me and don’t think I see You.

We can deal with life together, growing closer when things get tough,

Through love, strength, and unity, a life sentence with You I do trust.

Jasmine Parker ©

Photo credits: Bing.com/images