Three Dead After Someone Tosses Dry Ice Into a Swimming Pool at a Birthday Party!

 How can something this tragic happen at a birthday party? Why would someone throw dry ice into a swimming pool while people are supposed to be having a good time? I’m pretty sure these are just two of the many questions being asked at this time by people all around the world.

Three people have died and 6 are in intensive care after inhaling vapors created by mixing dry ice with pool water. The victims suffered from carbon dioxide poisoning, and some guests were reported to have chemical burns. All involved were celebrating at a popular Russian blogger’s birthday party. The deceased include the blogger’s husband Valentin (Valya) Didenko, 32, plus party goers Naalia Monakova and Yuri Alferov, both 25 years old. All were pronounced dead at the scene.

A big crowd of the couple’s friends were seen clinking glasses moments before the tragedy in the south of Moscow.

Ekaterina’s husband Valentin bought dry ice ‘to create an impressive steam show’ as the party guests jumped into a pool. 

But as soon as the ice was poured in people started fainting. Paramedics failed to rescue two of the guests who were pronounced dead at the site.

The Russian Investigative Committee confirmed a criminal case was opened into causing death by negligence. 

The ‘preliminary reason for the death of three (partygoers) was mechanical asphyxia because their airways were blocked’, reported crime channel 112.

The three were in the pool when the dry ice was released and could not breathe.

Five people remained in hospital this morning.  My heart goes out to all involved in this tragic accident.  I hope no one else tries something like this!  I’ve included a different video below of a young man showing what happens when dry ice is tossed into a swimming pool.



6 thoughts on “Three Dead After Someone Tosses Dry Ice Into a Swimming Pool at a Birthday Party!

  1. That is terrible…when I was a teen… our band was going to use dry ice to make fog…it was the thing to do at that time. We didn’t do it…I’m thankful now. I’m wondering of the chemicals of the pool caused a lot of it? Bands used dry ice a lot back in the day…


    1. I remember back in the day the bands used I never even imagined that it could be dangerous like that, but I am thinking about the fact that it was mixed with the chemicals in the water. That was probably what caused it to be lethal.
      I am so glad you and your friends decided against using it.


      1. I would think that has to be it…with the pool. Maybe the sheer volume also of the ice and water.
        It looks better than a fog machine because it floats low to the ground. I’m glad also…just in case.


      2. I just can’t believe they jumped in the pool. You can’t touch dry ice… jumpin near all of it wasn’t good either…it was terrible.


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