The Ring – A Poem

As he walked up to her slowly, he didn’t say a word.

His lips quivered, eyes teared, but not a sound was heard.

His eyes gently said what his mouth couldn’t say.

He loved this woman then and more on this day.

As he gazed into her face, he remembered the day they met,

For she whispered something to him, he never would forget.

She said I love the stars, mountains, moon, and snow,

And if there is truly a heaven, I know one day, I’ll go.

He took her hand in his and kissed her lovely face.

With his index finger, he lined her lips in trace.

He told her how much he loved her and wished she wouldn’t go.

Then he slipped the ring on her finger and said I love you so.

He turned and walked away and sat in an empty space,

As the coffin’s lid was closed and pallbearers stood in place.

They lifted the lovely coffin and carried it to the open door.

The woman he loved so much, in this life, he’d see no more.


Written by: Jasmine D. Parker ©

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