That Little Thing Called Love – A Poem



When you complete each other’s sentences;

and look forward to the two-hour phone calls. 

When the silliest things seem so amazing;

and you crack up at the corniest of jokes.

When you make a wish up on your favorite star;

that the life with your love will last forever.

You’re not ashamed to run on the beach;

or take a walk through the park holding hands.

The beautiful rush you get riding that merry-go-round;

or being pushed in a swing, like when you were younger.

You’re not ashamed to open up and laugh out loud;

and lose yourselves in the moment.

That crazy, sweet, sometimes butterfly feeling;

is nothing more than that little thing called love!

Jasmine D. Parker ©



9 thoughts on “That Little Thing Called Love – A Poem

      1. I’m glad you are doing well. I am catching up also…I got really behind on reading blogs.
        I had a big surprise… a kidney stone Memorial Day weekend and I still have it… I will have to get it blasted because it’s huge. Right now it’s not causing much pain because it’s too big to move. It’s always something lol.


      2. Oh my goodness. A kidney stone is an uninvited guest…
        I will be praying for you! I have never had one, but have heard stories about them. I pray you won’t have any problems with it and can get it removed soon.
        Take care🌻


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