“Wonder4l” by Victorious – Featuring GED

It’s plain to see that there is no stopping Victorious, he is out there and on fire to save as many souls and inspire as many as he possibly can through his music and ministry, and is doing a phenomenal job. We are living in Perilous times, and need all of the inspiration, love, support, and unity we can possibly get.  Keep on pushing, Victorious, I am inspired and so happy to see so many others reaching out to your ministry to find the knowledge that they did not receive in the home or ever had the opportunity to visit any churches to gain the knowledge needed to find what they were missing in life!

Ahmad J. Bell (AKA – Victorious ) is an American Public speaker, youth mentor, content provider, Recording Artist, Concert Organizer/Promoter and Motivational Speaker. Heeding his Pastors instructions he stood up and began to share the gospel through Christian Hip Hop and become a force in regional and national ministry platforms as a solo artist, member of The Warriors ATX As a member of the The Warriors ATX he won several Holy Hip Awards from THHHA (Texas Holy Hip Hop Awards) and was honored by the TGAG (Texas Gospel Announcers Guild) for Perseverance inside of the genre. Victorious has appeared on over 35 albums and 4 mixtapes. With the Warriors ATX he released 3 full length albums. As a solo artist he has released 3 solo records. He has also toured and ministered alongside of artist such as, Lecrae, Tedashii, Trip Lee, Bizzle, THISL,Bryan Trejo, Flame, Da T.R.U.T.H., Canton Jones, VRose, The Walls Group, Kirk Franklin, Jonathan Reynolds, JJ Hairston and many more. “None of my accomplishments mean anything if I am not pointing back to the cross!” said Victorious ” Purpose is the ONLY reason for holding the microphone and standing on stage.” Victorious’ New project is called #standforsomething and is medicine and a how to begin again when life has thrown you a curve ball. Doesn’t matter if your 15 or 35 life comes at you at the speed of life and we all must learn how to endure and Overcome Last Project #pressreset is available on iTunes.

Wonder4l ℗ 2021 Victorious Life Entertainment/Management Released on: 2021-12-03 and now available on Spotify.com.

Credit: Ahmad J. Bell aka Victorious, YouTube.com & Bing.com/images

3 thoughts on ““Wonder4l” by Victorious – Featuring GED

    1. Thank you…I tried replying to this post last night. I probably tried at least four different times, before I realized there must have been a problem with the Jetpack or something.
      I sure hope You and your family had a very Merry Christmas! It didn’t feel like Christmas at all to me, the weather was warm, people were running around in shorts, but at least I was with my family, and we were all well, and had a great Christmas dinner. I am looking forward to the new year!


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