Where The Red Ferns Grow

Walking along the lake shores thinking of everything, anything, and nothing. The heat bearing down upon me like the sun had grown a mouth, and the mouth was wide open with swords of fire jumping out, torching, and scorching everything in its path. As I walked out into the lake, I felt rejuvenated as I splashed water all over my body, not even caring that my clothes were getting soaked. I just wanted the intense heat to stop its torture, at least for a while. Out of the lake, I walked, all the while wringing the water from my hair and clothing. I had a date with my soaker tub as soon as I arrived home. The water from the lake felt soothing, but the fish smell was overpowering. I have always loved this lake and all its trees and plants with such beautiful foliage.

I sat for a moment underneath a tree, just gazing and allowing my eyes to unwrap all the beauty that surrounded me. This day was radiant as the trees had blossomed, the plants were so green, and there was the smell of flowers in the air. Then out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a fern; naturally, I walked over to inspect it and absorb its ambient colors. This fern had red veins and stems; it was an unexpected find. I always thought all ferns were green but wondered if there could be other colors mixed in their leaves. What a great find? With my eyes now searching through the other foliage, I found four more, and these beauties were red. They were gently tucked away and growing in the shaded moist, wet, rich soil that seemed to bite at my nostrils.

I was so happy to have walked along the lake shore this day and to find something so fresh and almost enchanting that it would make me take my walks here more often. The time soon came for me to head home, and as I beheld the beauty once again, I was sure of one thing, Peace, beauty, and tranquility reside at this lake. So much more than one could ever know. It’s found down by the lake where the Red Ferns grow!



Written by: Jasmine Parker ©

Photo credit: Yahoo.com/images

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