My Grandchildren – A Poem Written by: Diane Klauck

What a lovely poem about Grandchildren.  I have 7 myself and have so much love for each of them, and enjoy watching them at work and play. Each having their very own personality leaves my heart with such a warm smile when they are in my presence. They may wear grandparents out, but it is a love that is worth being worn out for.

My Grandchildren

My grandchildren
Their putter-patter in my life;
They bring much happiness
To all pains and strife.

Just a little smile
And a hug will do;
It says so much
When they hug you!

A little tear may fall
You wipe them all away;
Comforting a broken heart
As they begin to play.

My grandchildren
Fill me with so much joy;
They give me love
Each girl and each boy.

I can’t see my life
Without them, it would not be real;
I love to spend time with them
The joys they bring, the love I feel.