Coleman – A Poem

For years I lived with you, relishing in all you had to offer. Laughter, anger, and sorrow, knowing one day I’d leave for a new tomorrow.

A romantic love affair with days spent at the lakes; Hords Creek, Lake Scarborough, Lake Coleman & Memory Lake, such great memories created there, now with new friends I sometimes share.

Walking along dirt roads, whistling, singing & humming; later riding up and down Commercial Avenue. I sure miss that old, red-bricked Live Oak Street. Nights sharing stories underneath street- lights with friends.  Such innocent, priceless memories I sometimes wish we could do over again.

 I met with friends to say farewell, we talked, hugged, and joked.  Those who stayed were romantically attached, those who left sometimes go back. As for me, I dream of you, I know I’m still in love with you,  I sometimes sit and cry over you. My home…COLEMAN!

 Written by: Jasmine D. Parker ©


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