I Am Not The One – A Poem

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I am not the one you’ve been searching for.

I am the whistling sound of the wind.

I am not the one you’ve been longing for.

I am the feelings you hold deep within.

I am not the one you would love to marry.

I spread my wings and fly like the mourning dove.

I am not the one to sit and wait for.

I am neither here nor there. Why fall in love?

I am not the one to give your heart to.

Hearts are fragile and can easily be broken.

I am not a stranger in your nightly dreams.

Your dreams are the depth of love once spoken.

Bravely you’ve moved ahead to heal your wounded heart.

Fear not, for your love for another I would never thwart.

Jasmine Parker 01/09/2021 ©
Photo credit: Bing.com/images