“The Old Bridge” – A Poem


Remember the old bridge?

Yeah, you know the one; the bridge that brought you across,

when you stood on it staring at your reflection in the waters below.

When there was no way of making ends meet no matter the cost,

you felt despaired, impaired, financially afflicted, with nowhere to go.


The same bridge you stood on during tough times and cried,

Your heart bleeding, wounded, aching from empty promises.

Friends you trusted had breached their contract, misled, and lied,

Abused their invitation to your heart, leaving you unbearably stressed.


That old bridge is still there, standing tall, wood splintering, iron rusting,

parts in need of repair, but still the same old bridge that has always been there.

Many years have passed but it’s still the one that is always trusting,

It made your path so much easier, even when you were a heavy cross to bear.


The old bridge brought you across many times, often buckling, but it never broke,

 While the waters underneath was deep and flowing rough.

It was always there and willing to help keep your life afloat.

The loyal, old bridge was always enough!

Written by: Jasmine D. Parker ©

Photo credit: Yahoo.com/images

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