The Good Ole Days!

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I sure miss the good ole days, where times were simple and loads of fun. The people were friendly and would stand and talk for hours to everyone. Neighborhoods with families of all sizes. People cared for one another and enjoyed bonding and socializing.

Aww, Spring and Summer in the country, watching tumbleweeds roll down the dirt roads and off into fields or a yard. Skipping rocks at the lake or in a creek, such fun, I sure miss those days. Fresh lemonade stands for only 10 cents a cup, the boys racing their homemade box cars, and the hopscotch game drawn on the sidewalks were amazing I could never get enough. Boys chasing girls with horned toads and lizards, girls screaming, running, and giggling at having a boy chasing them regardless of the toad he had in his hand.

Children would be walking on homemade stilts while others hula hooped in the yard. It was always fun to see friends in a game of jacks or on windy days, running flying their box kites. Scooters blazing through the streets, children on bicycles with cards stuck in the spokes raced to see whose bike was the fastest. After all the fun, everyone grew thirsty and would turn the water hose on and get a drink and pass the hose to the next friend waiting for a drink. No one cared about drinking from the hose, it was an exciting thing to do, plus it was an opportunity to get wet up. The water tasted good, sometimes hot, but if you let it run a little bit, it would be cool enough to drink. After the last child drank from the hose and off they would go to find something else fun to do. There were so many fun things to do long ago, and it felt good to be outdoors running like the wind, and when you tired from running, there was always someone ready for a game of jump rope.  The good ole days, where did they go?  When will they ever return?  I guess they remain somewhere in our dreams, somewhere in time.

Today people are no longer as neighborly, and the trust has almost faded away. The news is full of negativity that can ruin a great day.  I still have faith in people and love to lend a helping hand. I engage in conversation and pray one day there will be peace in this land.

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