What Drives You Insane – A Poem


I am not perfect and no longer fine.

Many say I am sweet, soft-hearted, and kind.

You may be different, even a little shy.

Do not give up, get up, and at least try!


You may not have the best of clothes,

Keep your spirit up only your story knows.

Let go of the anger, let go of the pain.

You’re much better than what drives you insane!

Written by: Jasmine D. Parker ©

Victorious – ENDzone Volume 1


Congratulations to Ahmad Bell aka “VICTORIOUS” on his new album titled “ENDzone.” The album is scheduled to drop on Friday, 08/07/2020, and will be available on music.apple.com.

Here’s a quote from his Facebook page:

“Hello, Fam! Everything that has a beginning has an End. I am excited and honored to be sharing my LAST albums with you guys #ENDzone Volume 1 will be out Friday and Volume 2 will be out the 21st. Please rock with me this one last time and cop the records! Ministry is present and if I do say so I made some timeless music! #Wearevictorious
Endzone Volume 1 by Victorious.”


Keep fighting the good fight for God, Ahmad J Bell, the world needs more leaders like you!

Video credit: YouTube.com