Grieving the Death of a Celebrity

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I posted this last year, but thought I would tweak it and post it again.  

When someone we’ve admired dies, it is a normal human emotion to grieve.  When that person happens to be a celebrity, the pain can still be the same as losing a family member.  We are still saddened, we still cry as we grieve the loss of the individual.

Throughout  the years many celebrity deaths have made quite an impact on the fans who admired and respected them.  Is this normal behavior?  You bet it is according to many psychiatrists.

We are all human’s and experience normal human emotions.  This is why it would only make sense that grief would be one of the emotions felt when we hear that a celebrity we have followed and respected has passed away.  We grieve the loss of loved ones whom we know, but as strange as it may seem to some, we also grieve the loss of celebrities that we’ve never met.  When a person becomes a fan of a celebrity, they become someone who is faithful to the talent the celebrity brings to the forefront. They admire this person and often want to be like this person.  Often times it is the celebrities talents and work in their communities and/or organizations that encourages fans to fulfill their own dreams and know that they can succeed in life. 

By connecting with other fans via social media, each can share their feelings and interact with others as a way of healing.  According to Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.. with the Center for Loss & Life Transition, the more we feel connected to someone famous, the more likely we are to experience grief when they die.

For more information, please see the link to Dr. Wolfelt’s site below.

Happy New Year – 2020

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Wow, it seems as though it wasn’t that long ago we were wishing Family and Friends a Happy New Year, 2019. Now it’s 2020 and we are starting all over again with an amazing new year of prosperity and new beginnings. It doesn’t matter if you’ve made a New Years Resolution or not, I hope and pray things go well for each of you as well as myself in this new year. I plan to spend more time with my family as well as work on the personal projects I have in the works, while enjoying life and all positive things that come with it!


Grief Will Turn a Person With no Acting Experience Into a Great Pretender!

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We all know the affects Grief has on individuals left behind; But did you know that Grief can actually cause a person to be in complete Denial about what they are going through? Well, I know first hand, because I was deep in my grief after the sudden death of my husband and sank into an abyss of disbelief and began to pretend as to not allow anyone to know just how heart broken I really was and how heavy my grief really was.


I pretended to be happy, when inside I was completely broken.

I pretended to have it all together, when everything was falling apart.

I pretended to be strong, when I was completely losing control.

I pretended to be rested, when I wasn’t sleeping a wink at night.

I pretended to enjoy gatherings, when all I wanted to do was run and hide.

I pretended to smile, when it was so forced it felt my face would crack.

I pretended to have a busy schedule, to not accept friend’s invitations.

I pretended to enjoy life but began questioning the purpose of life.

I pretended to be spiritually stable but questioned why I was left alone.

Those left behind pretend because sometimes Denial is easier than accepting the absolute Truth!

Jasmine D. Parker