Trena Williams – Women Who Inspire Others!


Trena Williams is an American Author, Preacher, Prophetess, Wife, Entrepreneur, and Mentor. Born Trena Jackson and raised in Coleman, Texas, a small West Texas town with a population of a little over 5,000 people, Trena knew at an early age she wanted to help and serve others. Growing up she knew the power and strength of family. Trena’s father, Ernest Jackson, Sr. and mother, the late Georgette Sweed Jackson – Mayberry were both hard-working parents who set standards for their four children, Fredrick, Trena, Ernest Jr., & Kenya while allowing them to play in sports and have fun with their friends. Trena was and still is an amazing basketball player, sports enthusiast, animal lover and nature lover who loves being in the outdoors. Attending Church was very important to her family and it was in Church she found that she truly loved serving God and others. Her incredible and often comedic personality draws people to her, and she is amazing at making people laugh; but also feel comfortable & important. Such a blessing to everyone she meets.

Trena received a scholarship in athletics and after graduating high school, she enrolled in Howard University in Big Springs, Texas and studied there for 1 ½ years before enrolling in Oklahoma State University, where she attended with a focus on Psychology. She spent 1 ½ years there, but unfortunately her mother took ill and she had to leave college to help care for her.

Having family and friends living in Austin, Texas, naturally she would love visiting the city and did on several occasions. She fell in love with Austin, and before long made Austin her home. She began attending the Breath of Life Church and through her fellowship and working in the Church, she met Alfred Williams and the two fell deeply in love and were married in 2010. Together they have become a force to be reckoned with and became an unstoppable, unbreakable team, and have attended and worked diligently in the church for 14years, under the leadership of Apostle Robert and Pastor Sharon Alexander.

In 2011 she founded Kingdom Accessories Clothing, in 2014 she founded Trena Williams Photography where she show cases her talents as a Photographer. In 2014 she created KINGDUM PHOTZ, and as this business began to flourish, she couldn’t sit still and being the strong, Phenomenal woman that she is in December 2018 she became the CEO of the Kingdom Builderz Vendors Event, and in March 2019, her dream of becoming a published author was realized. She authored the book titled “The Sources of My Pain.” In this book, Trena discusses how to deal with pain, how important it is to forgive, plus it’s filled with wisdom and many different ways to help a person find out who they really are and what their purpose here on earth is.

Bio and photo credit: Trena Williams

The book is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

Gennie – Poetry Written by Children

Jonah and the whale









I would like to introduce to each of you Gennie, a 13 year old poet who lives in the USA.  She started writing at a very young age and is actually very good at it.  The pictures of Jonah and the whale were actually drawn by Ginnie and are very good. I love the way she wrote this poem in a way that is easy for readers of all ages to appreciate.


Jonah was a prophet from God,
His job today would seem odd
He rode upon a camel

God’s message to the people
Was not taught under steeples
But by men like him who traveled

One day when God came,
Life would not be the same
For the messenger Jonah

God gave him a fright
Saying” Go to the Ninevites
Tell them to repent”

Jonah’s heart said “No”
And Jonah would not go
He sailed in the opposite direction

Jonah boarded ship,
Fell asleep mid trip
The captain would wake him up

“How can you sleep through this?
How could you seem to be in such bliss?
Go pray to your God for he might save us”

Jonah soon understood the man
For the sea tossed the ship like a can
Still Jonah did not pray

The sailors were wailing
As they were sailing
Death they did not want

They soon tossed lots
To see if they could spot
The one whose fault it was.

From their pagan practice they concluded
That Jonah had done something convoluted
They asked him what should be done.

“Toss me into the sea
And then fine you’ll be.”
Jonah answered quickly.

After trying to do their own thing
They concluded something alarming
They had to do as Jonah said.

For forgiveness they did pray and pray
And on the ship Jonah did not stay
The tempest immediately calmed

Now there was a very large fish
Who had Jonah as his main dish
And into his belly Jonah went.

Then did Jonah repent
Soon God’s angel was sent
To tell him of what was to happen

“Three days must go
And then you’ll show
The Ninevites back to God.”

After three days the fish had
Indigestion that was bad
And threw Jonah up.

Smelly and rotten
But by God not forgotten
Jonah went to Ninevah.

To the people he talked
Soon people flocked
To repent of their many sins.

Jonah became mad
But God was very glad
With these peoples’ actions

Out to the desert Jonah went
Angered the people should repent
The sun soon wearied him through

But God took upon Jonah pity
Just as he had done with the city
But still a lesson was to be learned

Then again God came
To Jonah so he could tame
His wild rebellious heart

After God grew a weed
Jonah felt good indeed
The sun could not reach him

But to his dismay
Something ate its way
Through his precious weed

Then rage in his heart burned,
And to God his anger turned,
How could he have done this!

“I made all the creatures
And all their features
Should I not care about them?”

Now in a question this book ends
And this our hearts to God should rend
To listen to what God asks.

Do not run away from God
For He for sure is not a fraud
His power will always sustain you

Next time when to you God comes
Do not His holy message shun
For you will surely regret it.

Poem and drawing credit: