Victorious – “Broken Heart”

Ahmad J. Bell aka: (VICTORIOUS) is back with a new song and video, titled “Broken Heart,” featuring Sean Johnson & Dee Black.  These young men are out in their communities talking to others while changing lives, one conversation at a time. They are not afraid to go into neighborhoods and reach out to hurting families, young men who have lost all hope, young females with children who feel as though they have thrown their lives away and it’s too late for them to get an education or even give their lives to Christ. There are many a lost soul out there in this big world we live in, and as Ahmad quoted himself, ” We all are members of one body and our charge is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Even though daily events may seem pointless GOD is working a master plan behind the scenes.”  #WEAREVICTORIOUS #KMF #Potipharshouse

I am including the link from another post I wrote about this incredible mover and shaker!  Let’s all be encouraged and follow are hearts dreams while helping lift others up!

You can also visit the Facebook page at:victorious – warriors atx

To sample some of the music or make a purchase, please visit:


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