Depression During The Holidays

The Holidays are upon us and for many, it’s not a happy time.

We all know that the Holidays are very depressing for some, and we know that some people don’t have a family to check on them.

Many have lost loved ones or have family that just won’t make time for them.

Don’t give up hope, there’s always someone you can reach out to.

Please check on your loved ones as well as friends and neighbors!

4 thoughts on “Depression During The Holidays

  1. I get depressed when Christmas is over…all that closeness just goes away in most people…but I get what you are saying.
    How have you been?


    1. When Christmas is over, everyone goes back to what they were doing and the closeness is gone.
      In my younger years, I could not understand how people could get depressed around the holidays. I was decorating, playing Christmas music and enjoying friends, but I get it now that I am older and more mature. My eyes are open now to those around me and I find myself paying more attention.
      As for myself, I have gotten back into the spirit, thanks to my beautiful grandchildren and my family.
      I have been out of the loop for a while. I have a sister with Lupus and she has been having some surgeries done, so I have been there with her. She is out of the hospital and home. She is doing well, thank God.
      I hope you and family are staying well. I know I just wrote a long paragraph. I will be posting again tomorrow or Friday. Good to hear from you.


      1. Don’t worry about writing a lot I do it all the time. Yes I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve always had family around. After my mom and dad were gone I had my wife and child…even in the leaner years when he couldn’t get a lot that didn’t matter…the fact we were together was the thing.
        Also my parents got divorced when I was young and the only time we all were together was at Christmas…it was always peaceful then so that is why I’m usually happy.
        Sorry about your sister I hope everything turns out alright…glad she is doing well.
        Have a good night


      2. I can relate to those leaner years, Max. My family now gets together on Thanksgiving because we are so spread out in different cities now. We always travel and go to our mother’s house and celebrate with her and my siblings and their families. Growing up we didn’t have much either but never realized it because Mother could make a way out of no way! There was always plenty for everyone. I love the family gatherings and catching up with each other and going back down memory lane. It’s so disheartening to see how families are drifting apart and don’t spend time with one another anymore. I can honestly say, I was fortunate as well. Thank you, Max, my sister is doing much better, but with lupus, it damages so many things and causes so much pain. We are all so thankful and grateful that she is doing better. It has truly been a long, hard road for her. Have a great day!


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