DANTE – Child Poets Who Inspire!

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I am always excited to read about poets.  It doesn’t matter if they are young or old. Poetry inspires me and I get lost in reading it.  It’s a way of being in a peaceful, stress-free place.
May I introduce to you, Dante. He started writing poetry this year in fifth grade and has been very enthusiastic. His teacher says she has never seen a student write so much poetry and has even read some of Dante’s poems to her children. Dante lives in the USA and is 10 years old.

Day and Night –

In the day you’ll wave goodbye run around and fly a kite.
But when the day comes to an end sleep is what you must attend.
Climb in your bed and fluff your pillow take one last look out the window.
Ask yourself one more question…

Why does the sun go up and down shine and darken every town?
Let’s not worry about that right now but I know you’ll find out.
Night to dawn to light to dusk yep that’s right nothing wrong.

Poem Credit: https://www.loriswebs.com/youngpoets/dante.html

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