Remaining Positive in a Negative World!

Photo credit: Bing images


In an ever-changing world filled with such negative news, people, relationships, politics and demanding jobs; it’s easy for people to become more and more depressed. Our thoughts become words, our words become action and if all we do is think negative thoughts, our actions will have negative consequences.

Often, we need to sit back and put our own lives into perspective. Negative energy can wear a person down, physically, spiritually, emotionally & mentally. If we are in the company of negative people daily, it doesn’t help because their energy drains and wears on each person who is trying to remain strong and positive. When you work for a large corporation and are in contact with people all through the day 5 days a week, 8 to 9 hours a day, it can be rough listening to the negativity and actions of others. Negativity is like a poison; it enters the body and breaks down the positive walls we’ve worked hard building for ourselves. It eats away at our sanity as well as our relationships. We should align ourselves with positive people; those who are strong and love lifting their friends up with positivity, those of whom aren’t self-centered and can compliment others on their achievements and accept compliments as well. “Birds of a feather flock together,’ is a phrase I’ve heard for years. It’s true, and therefore if we want to remain positive, do our best to align ourselves with positive people and bring our positive energy to the table as well.
Meditation, exercising, listing to music, reading good books, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water will assist us with our journey to remaining positive. I have found that listening to the sound of waterfalls, rain and nature videos have helped me when I am feeling a little stressed. I also love fishing and being out in nature, which is a great way to get away from negativity.

“Sometimes we must Boldly remove all people, places, and things from your life that do not add to our growth!”