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While sitting in the school cafeteria eating lunch all alone;
The laughter around her grows louder.
The girls at the next table stare harder;
Eye contact becomes too much to bear.
Whispering to one another as they give her the smirk grin;
and lower their eyebrows as a sign of dominance.
As one mean girl leaves the table to go whisper into the
Ear of a boy sitting at another table.
At that moment, the boy begins to laugh;
while whispering to the other guys at his table.
They all laugh and look over at the girl sitting alone.
At that moment the fight or flight feeling sets in and she must leave.
She must get out of the cafeteria and find a safe place.
There is no safe place when you’re the “Odd Girl Out!”
Her heart beating faster & faster, feels as though it will jump out of her chest.
Why is there such joy & laughter behind the dark mistreatment of another?
What is it about the girl who’s become the chosen one?
Why must she be subjected to harassment & bullying?
Why does that make the bully feel dominant, free and in control?
Is the self-esteem of her peers so low, that they demand some sort of abnormal attention?
They are all old enough to know that this cowardly act is not a game!
What runs through the minds of those who bully others?
Such behavior is often too incomprehensible to imagine;
For the school, parents and especially for the Odd Girl Out!