Whisper a Little Prayer – A Poem

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Whisper a little prayer;

One of peace and love.

Words sincerely spoken;

To our father who lives above.

Through trauma and anguish;

light and love break chains.

These things will survive;

the worst of many trials.

Dream a little dream;

Come on, dance in the rain!

For the rain purifies the soul;

while washing away the stains.

As we train our brain through positive thoughts;

We look at life and the world differently.

When we clean up what we messed up;

Peace, Love & Life will start over again.

Tomorrow was never promised to us;

Each hour and day are an exciting blessing.

Remain calm – serene and comfortable;

Live life in love and love life and live!



13 thoughts on “Whisper a Little Prayer – A Poem

      1. I didn’t see it the first time and the second time I did…It was probably me… I’m not going to bring you more bad news about comments…you will throw something at me soon lol.


      2. It’s HOT here like everywhere I guess. The weather man said it was 105 heat index because of the humidity….but where you live you are accustomed to it.
        Ok…as long as you are ok with it.


      3. Yes, I am ok with it.
        I was born in Texas and people would not believe it seeing me in the summer. I can not deal with this heat. It’s terribly hot 🔥here. All we can do is try to stay as cool as possible and stay hydrated.


      4. Air Conditioning is the key word! I don’t know how the pioneers slept or functioned… I would have lived in a cave or near one lol.
        Is the heat dry or humid in Texas? it’s always wet here.


      5. I gotta have it. Our house holds heat in the loft where our bedroom is… A Frame… so yea I have our air guy on speed dial… we have to use air in the winter sometimes because of the way the house is designed… good insulation also..
        Yea asthma and heat is a bad combination.


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