As I Grow- A Poem

black couple wedding

As I grow to know you more and more,
your strong, masculine beauty I adore.
Your strength and grace is so amazing,
my life so great now interchanging.

Our lives together have grown so great,
my feelings will never be of debate.
My actions are truly louder than words,
saying only I like you would be absurd.

Your chiseled face shows strength and wisdom
with dark eyes to match from another kingdom
You say my lips are soft as a petal of a rose.
I thank our father in heaven that it was me you chose.

Your beautiful, kind heart I will never take for granted.
When I’m in your presence I feel so enchanted.
My prayer is for our love to grow stronger each day.

Will I ever stop loving you?
To this, I say “NO WAY!”

Jasmine D. Parker ©

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