The Lighthouse By the Sea – A Poem


At the lowest of moments;

and when times feel rough.

When we feel all hope is gone;

what we have is not enough.

Our spirit has been broken;

family and friends no longer there.

As the rough tides of the ocean;

seem to wash us out to sea;

and we feel no one cares.

When we feel there is no life-line;

and the problems are knee deep.

When faith in everything is gone;

and depression weakens our bones.

Just when we feel there is no hope;

we’re tired inside and out;

hurting deep within our soul.

There is still love on this earth;

people who cherish us and all

we have to offer this world.

Someone somewhere is the

beacon of light that shines

true, gracefully and bright.

If we take a look around us;

there is someone out there;

who is our strong lighthouse

standing by the sea, waiting to

guide us in from the tides that

bind and the troubled waters.

As we look up and around us;

we behold that light,  grasp it;

allow it to guide us in to shore.

and we began to stand strong;

as we see our dry bones come alive!


Jasmine D. Parker ©

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