True Love – A Poem


If Hell hath no fury like a woman Scorned!

 Then Heaven hath no peace like one Reborn!

 Love turned to hate has immeasurable rage,

 When love is real it heals wounds and hate

True love never fails.

 True love never dies.

 True love doesn’t hurt.

 Nor make you ask why.

 True love is the little things,

 that bring joy to lives.

 It fits like a glove,

 No matter the size.

                   True love is patient.                     

   True love is transparent.

    True love is a partnership.

True love never dies.

No hidden secrets or lies.

    True love is stimulating and has the effect,

       To shock one’s heart into perfect rhythm.

          No matter the age, no matter the time,

         Love allows one to know they are still alive!

                                                                   JASMINE D. PARKER ©