True Love – A Poem


If Hell hath no fury like a woman Scorned!

 Then Heaven hath no peace like one Reborn!

 Love turned to hate has immeasurable rage,

 When love is real it heals wounds and hate

True love never fails.

 True love never dies.

 True love doesn’t hurt.

 Nor make you ask why.

 True love is the little things,

 that bring joy to lives.

 It fits like a glove,

 No matter the size.

                   True love is patient.                     

   True love is transparent.

    True love is a partnership.

True love never dies.

No hidden secrets or lies.

    True love is stimulating and has the effect,

       To shock one’s heart into perfect rhythm.

          No matter the age, no matter the time,

         Love allows one to know they are still alive!

                                                                   JASMINE D. PARKER ©


United We Stand – A POEM


United we stand!

Divided we fall!

Strength in numbers

with all-hands-on-deck.

Our world so divided

We should all make a stand


create love for animals and

our fellow man.

Let us teach the

younger generation

truth and integrity,

so they will have the

strength to climb

higher mountains.

Their shoulders will

be strong enough to

bear all heavy burdens.

With knowledge and power,

we all must march forward in

this world filled with apathy and

anger and work together

to heal, forgive and create

a stronger and more loving

place for all mankind to live.

                                                                         JASMINE D. PARKER ©

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This is one of my favorite shows.

I have so much respect for the men and women gator hunters!

Late to bed early to rise,
body aching, eye on the prize.
Bills to pay, food to buy,
tags to fill, no time to slack.

Guns full of ammo,
vehicles filled with gas.
Bate on the lines, gators to catch.
Knocking on heavens door every hour of the day

Poaching thieves stealing gators,
population must be kept in check.
Hot heat, stinky meat,
Money made gator hunting, so sweet.

When you’re born on the bayou it’s never easy,
only the strong can and will survive.
Swamp People, our underrated heroes
who protect us all from gator growth and



You – A Poem


I traveled many miles just to be with you;

Trying to absorb the many trials we went through.

Through the thickness of the dark, I saw you there;

just standing there without a single ounce of care.

When you looked at me, I couldn’t see,

A single trace of love in your eyes.

                 I turned away, to walk away, with so much on my heart to say.


               It was then you knew that I was through; I saw it on your face.

Too many years I’ve tried, so many tears I’ve cried,

No longer willing to live in denial.

For as long as the ice is cold; and the

desert dry; the salty tap of tears,

will never again flow from these eyes.

Written by: Jasmine D. Parker ©




No Longer – A Poem


No longer do I see me in your eyes;

or feel weak when my lips kiss yours.

I no longer wish to have you ever so close;

those days are a long and distant memory.

No longer do my eyes light up when I think of you;

or laugh at the many faces you used to make.

I don’t think of the corny jokes you told at parties;

nor do I smell the aroma of your favorite oils and colognes.

No longer do I remember the distinctive way you walked;

I want to remember the sound of your voice as you talked.

If you could see me as I see you, then you would understand;

My energy never died or left my love; 

it changed form and went back to where it began.


I’m Yours and You’re Mine – A Poem


As sprinkles of confetti rained down upon us,

You were the surprise I always longed for.

Happiness no longer living inside or within,

A smile once there, tragically wiped off my face.

The love in your laughter feeds my dying heart,

Like the warm morning sun, you shine so bright.

An old soul I am and won’t fake it to make it.

Cast your net; because I’m yours and you’re mine.




Evacuate your mind.

Evacuate your heart

Evacuate the hate

New man new start


Evacuate your soul

Deep down within

Evacuate the past

Evacuate the sin


Evacuate the old

And sometimes new

Evacuate the jealousy

It hurts no one but you


Evacuate life’s curses

Evacuate the struggles

Evacuate childhood fears

False evidence appearing real


Evacuate physical & mental pain

Create your own legacy in life

Allow no one to get you down

Love life – Live life – Your life