There Were Twelve

My son and daughter-in-law asked if they could have a birthday / swimming party at my place for my grandson who turned 7 last month.  Of course, I said yes and that it would be great fun.  We went over the details of the party and what would be served on the menu.  My grandson loves baseball, although he doesn’t play yet, his cousin, my other 7-year-old grandson does play. We went over the party guests and who all would be invited and we arrived at six due to obligations other parents had with their children on this date and that was fine with me.

The menu sounded delicious, I ordered the cake and requested the decorations my grandson wanted. As time grew closer, the party guest grew larger than previous. It was funny because my daughter-in-law forgot about a friend she has that has 7 children. She asked if it would be ok with me if she invited her and I told her yes it would.

The day of the party:

My grandson was so excited about this day, he loved the decorations and the big number 7 candle for his cake and all was well.  The guests started arriving my other grandchildren came and an SUV pulls up and out of it spills 6 children and their mother. The oldest child didn’t want to attend and rightfully so, she is a teenager and has teen stuff to do.

It was amazing how we made it work especially during pool time.  I love parties, but when parties and swimming pools are mixed together I want to be especially careful and watch each child.  I can say it was extra special, every last one of the children had a great time. They swam and swam, enjoyed themselves and when it was time for refreshments, they were ready.  My grandson somehow got his hands on the 7 candle, opened it and broke it. We didn’t have any more candles, so we had him pretend to blow out his candles.  He opened his gifts, there were plenty of photos taken, and all of the children and adults were so tired when it was over.  I was ready for a hot bubble bath and my pajamas.