Breathe Deep, Then Exhale

Dallas Arboretum

Black mold, a mighty fungus that eats away at one’s Essence and their very soul, that’s GRIEF!   It begins as a dishonorable weed, such as: lamb’s-quarters, knot-weed and poison ivy and embeds itself like a root. It continues to grow blacker and blacker as it eats its way into your conscious and subconscious mind while pounding away at your heart like a percussionist beating their bongos loudly, wildly & intentionally.
Just when you inhale, pray, then exhale –Awe, I am going to be okay, grief packs its bags, moves back in and stays longer than a day. Greedily it consumes your thoughts, strength, energy, happiness, and attacks your faith. Stretching its tentacles and reaching out, grabbing a hold of its victim and squeezing tight, unable to breathe, experiencing an incomprehensible pain. You’ve gained your doctorate degree in mourning & grieving, your body riddled, but you’re still sane.
Questioning your future, you know you can’t re-create your former life. When you’ve loved hard and grieved harder, and have been knocked down but manage to get back up, you realize what is still important and what life and love is truly about and again you breathe deep, and then EXHALE!

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