We Love and We Grieve


“We grieve because we loved our deceased loved one so much.” Doesn’t that add a gentler more peaceful feeling to the emotions we’re feeling? Sometimes it does, but often times it still takes awhile to comprehend what has occurred.

We don’t grieve for a person we don’t love. If there were no love there, we would just go on with our daily lives as though “Nothing ever happened!”

Our grief journey is not always a trail of tears but a journey filled with love, laughter, memories, companionship, fun, hand holding, drama, happiness, sadness, material things, but not all material things.

“The Legacy”

Being grateful and thankful for the legacy our loved one left the world, and their community as well as the many things we learned from them. We will continue to grieve, but keeping our loved one’s legacy alive will keep us busy and our minds focused on making a difference in someone else’s life that may have just started their grief journey.