Grieving the Death of a Marriage


Grief comes in many forms. We not only grieve the death of a loved one who’s passed away But we also grieve the loss and death of a marriage that has come to a close.
Mourning & grieving the end of a marriage is most common because of the amount of love, emotions, time, blood, sweat & tears, children, money & patience dedicated to this marriage and relationship.
For many individuals, when they love, they love hard and give their whole heart to their spouse and devote all they have to their marriage & union.

A marriage is sacred and should be held to the highest authority. If there are children in this Union, this can be extremely hard on each parent and especially on the children.
Often times children feel as though they have done something wrong as to why their parents can no longer live together or have filed for a divorce. The very thought of their parents no longer loving one another and living together is sometimes too much for a child to bear. Each parent, the Custodial and/or Non-Custodial parent is left dealing with the after-effects and trying to explain as best they can as to why their parents will no longer be living together and will no longer be married.

This is very similar to the death of a spouse, even though both spouses are still living and breathing, the pain, depression, anxiety, confusion & anger are very much present in their lives and emotions that at some point, they just want to ‘hurry up and get over it!”
The marriage has died and will soon be buried so to speak in a court of law.

Grieving & mourning continues but with God’s help and through the power of Prayer, things can only get better if both are willing to work together to assure the children are not affected to the extreme.