God Blesses the Brokenhearted

The loss of a loved one can be devastating. If the loss is a spouse, we not only lose the person we took vows with but we also lose our very best friend, our lover & confidant. Our lives as we know it has changed dramatically and will never be the same.

As strong as our feelings are, we cannot allow them to determine what is the truth. Even though we are a brokenhearted child of God, He is still very close to us and never leaves us.

God knows we are in pain and comforts us in ways we do not and could not understand. Pain and heartache often times leaves us unable to hear the voice of God speaking to us. He is there all the time, holding us, loving us and providing us with the strength to carry on with our lives.

We must talk to God. Let him know how we are feeling as we continue this sometimes cold, dark and dreary journey down the path of Grief.

God, I love you and thank you for all you are doing for me, all you have done and the many things you are working on for me.

Father, I am hurting so badly, my spirit is crushed, and my heart is aching. There are times when I feel as though you have left me, I can’t feel You and I want so badly to feel you. I know you’re here with me. I have to and I will choose trust over feelings. Help me & save me, Faithful, loving God.

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