Anger With God After the Death of a Loved One


Anger with God is always the result of a conclusion that a perfect God has treated us unjustly and that we have the right or the knowledge to judge God’s ways. We should take our heartfelt anger and pain to the Lord while holding on to the truths we know about Him. He is sovereign, faithful, trustworthy & righteous, and He has not wronged us.

We should talk to God.

God, I’ve been accusing You of things I know nothing about. You are God and Your good plan and Your perfect ways are beyond my comprehension. Someday I may understand, but for now, I will trust You.

Illness After the Holidays – Part 2

Five days ago I blogged about illness after the holidays. I was ill then but taking over the counter meds trying to get better while still juggling my daily life of working a stressful job and dealing with life. I started getting sick that prior Wednesday on January 3rd and finally went to the ER on Tuesday, January 9th, only to be diagnosed with bronchitis & the flu. I was prescribed meds and follow up instructions, I am recovering slowly, and am very weak.

This flu is no joke and sucks the life out of you.

Thank God for good health insurance and sick time at work. But what about the countless others who don’t have health insurance or sick time, or a job period and can’t afford to get the medical help needed. It can be devastating for them and their loved ones.

Illness can happen at any time, but it seems to me that each year I get ill right after the holidays. I am learning to take much better care of myself and eating healthier.

Our immune system is so important and when it runs down, the body starts falling apart.