A Deficiency

A body that is deficient in iron and minerals required will become weak, the bones will become brittle and soon it will become hard for the body to carry on a day to day tasks because of the pain from the deficiencies.

A body with no faith soon becomes weak, so weak that each thought becomes one of darkness, negativity, sins of all kind and sooner or later the body is acting on these thoughts and they become a reality. The negativity starts to stink and soon people start backing away.

When the body is fed with faith, surrounded by positive people who are striving to do good things, reaching higher to achieve life’s blessings and reaching out pulling others up with words of enlightenment, encouragement, and humility, the body becomes strong, the mind starts working and before long, positive images began to flow as the body becomes stronger so does the faith, wisdom, trust, love, dignity, morals and humanity.

When the body is surrounded by positivity great things happen!

Grief to Joy

Don’t assume responsibility for your loved one’s death. Untimely our lives are in the hands of God. Zig Ziglar says, “Psalm 139:16 clearly states that our life every day is measured, meaning simply, God knows the exact time that we will die. He knows when He’s going to call us home. There’s nothing you can do to extend your lifespan one-tenth of a second.” No death is simply the result of circumstances, an accident or fate.

This doesn’t mean God wanted your loved one to die or is morally responsible for the death. It means the same God who loved you enough to die for you is in control.

How can a loving God be in control, yet your loved one still died? You may never fully understand that. But that’s why frequently and lovingly, the Bible reminds us that God’s ways are too complex for us to understand. That’s also why when we see chaos all around us, we should remind ourselves of God’s ultimate demonstration of His Love and concern for us, the cross upon which He died for our sins.

“Oh, how great are God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand his decisions and his ways!”