I Hurt – A Poem

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I hurt for the children who go to bed hungry, not enough blankets to cover them, dirty no bath and terrified of the monster whose inflicting abuse upon them.

I hurt for the elderly without enough food, whose family have turned their backs upon them, and there’s too much month at the end of their money.

I hurt for those who have lost their jobs, trying to figure out a way to pay their bills, feed their families, talk to their spouses and maintain their sanity.

I hurt for our military, so far from home. Wandering if their family is doing well, wanting to see them again. Trying to stay focused on their duties, while concealing their true pain, suffering and longing to go home.

I hurt for our country, so divided and full of hate. Praying for a miracle and hoping it’s not too late.

I hurt for our first responders, always first to respond, in all types of circumstances and in all kinds of weather.

I hurt for the ones with eyes wide shut. They will never realize the evils of the world and when Gods had enough!

Jasmine D. Parker ©

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