Poem: “The Power of Friendship”

Standing on the dock after collecting flat rocks about the size of the palm of our hand.
Facing the water at a slight angle, and trying to capture the right stand.

Lowering our hand at the release, to ensure the skipping is better we then throw out and down at the same time, with a hiss.

Two great friends trying to master this technique with the quick snap of our wrist.

Each stone bouncing off the water spinning faster & faster with a slight twist.

The Power of Friendship becomes much clearer at the time we release our rocks.

Facing one another, laughing so hard each almost sliding off the dock.

Friendships can help us develop & become better people.

Spending time with one another vulnerable, consistent, positive & equal.

Friends bring to the table good conversation, loyalty & understanding.
They share happiness, disappointments, sadness, frustrations & jealousy.

The love between friends is like no other, they may not be family.

But the bond is so strong like they were born from the same mother.

Written by: Jasmine D. Parker

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