Three Days

We have three days left and Christmas will finally be here.

For some, this countdown is much better than the “Apollo” countdown into space. There are others whom may not feel this way due to the fact that they are dealing with anxiety and/or depression.

The holidays can be quite stressful. There are so many things one may try to add to their to-do list, but often times that list gets much too long to conquer on our own.

This causes stress, due to the fact that we are still trying to satisfy people on our jobs, juggling our personal lives plus all of the many additives that are introduced into our daily lives.


I have found that Meditation is very relaxing and help me with my stress and anxiety.

Listening to some soft music helps ease stress and anxiety as well.

We can’t do anything but embrace these next three days and lift our heads up and be grateful to be alive!

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