The Rain

As I lied in bed this morning, listening to the rain; it occurred to me that even though I along with many others were truly happy to see the rain, I could not tell a lie about my true feelings.

I was truly feeling guilty about this beautiful rainfall when California is burning to the ground.

The residents are dealing with losses of substantial numbers. These people are grieving losses that many other people could never and will never understand nor less over-stand.

The loss of birth certificates, family photos, heirlooms, not to mention homes, vehicles, precious family pets, so now these people have been thrust into a pitch dark cloud of gloom, dread, despair, and depression.

To some, it may only be things, but to the one who’s lost those things, it’s more than that. These people have lost everything, even though their lives have been spared.

I felt so guilty enjoying that rain because I was wanting it to rain in California.

Remember the song “It Never Rains In California?”

Right about now it’s looking that way.

The people of California are grieving various losses.

I live in Texas and am grateful for the rain, but am praying for rain in California!

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