Poem: I Miss You

I miss you.

Do you miss me?

If we were to meet in heaven someday, would you still remember me?

Would you remember how you held me so close to your heart?

Whispering in my ear, we will never be apart?

Would you remember how we danced from Dusk until Dawn?

How we would twirl so fast then fall right down on the lawn.

Remember how you would gaze at me and I would smile and blush?

When I think of all the times we shared my body gets a rush!

Our love could’ve made the headlines baby.

A love so true and strong. But you left this world without me and right now I feel alone!

I miss your touch, your voice, your smell, your taste, your tenderness, and yes, your face.

My darling, my companion, my love.

I miss you, I miss you.
“I miss you!”

Written by: Jasmine D. Parker

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